Advanced Lettering and Outline Editing

Create customized embroidered text in any shape and style or convert TrueType® fonts to quality satin stitches for beautiful lettering. Add text to merged design files for unlimited design possibilities. Use Draw Fusion to convert vectors intelligently and interactively into exquisite embroidery 


Levels of Pulse:

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Pulse Fonts

Over 125 expertly- kerned Satin embroidery fonts are included with the software. This includes specialty fonts for monogramming and run stitch fonts that can be used at sizes as small as 3mm. Many of the fonts contain extended character sets that appeal to an international audience. Plus we have many optional fonts available including specialty fonts for Sequin, Chenille, Shuttle Hook, Rhinestone and Color Blended fonts.


Individual Letter Editing

Resize, rotate, and skew individual characters. Switch from straight to arc to circle baselines easily.


TrueType Fonts to Satin

Convert readily-available TrueType fonts to satin, or to any available stitch type to instantly expand your lettering options.



Add Lettering to Designs

Merge designs and add lettering along and baseline: straight, curved, vertical, arc, and circle, or beautiful 3-letter monograms with decorations and frames. Edit text baselines to create unlimited possibilities for logo and design creation. Select from a variety of Envelopes to create interesting text effects.

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Quickly create multiple files that use a common design but require personalized text. Great for team jerseys.



This wizard automatically converts simple artwork into embroidery by determining the appropriate stitch type, stitch direction, and sequence of embroidery. Great for quickly estimating stitch counts of designs.


Preview designs on fabrics and garments

Preview finished designs on fabric and garment pieces in the software and both you and your customers will appreciate the benefits.


Draw Fusion
Draw Fusion combines the extensive drawing capabilities of CorelDRAW and the powerful stitch generation of Tajima DG/ML by Pulse in the same window- and provides and interactive and dynamic digitizing experience. Draw Fusion converts Vector Artwork to Stitches in just one step by assigning stitch types and stitch directions automatically. Simply tab between the artwork in CorelDRAW and the stitches in DG/ML - make changes to one, and the other is dynamically updated.

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