TJETII-C series

NEO is the only table-top compact machine ever made by Tajima. It takes the industry's broadest range of quality and productivity features, combined with the fine craftsmanship found on much larger Tajima equipment and is delivered in a machine 744mm wide, 863mm deep and 825mm tall. Specially made for mobility and smaller working spaces, NEO is the ideal way to enter into the embroidery industry while getting the best quality sewing on a wide spectrum of applications from the start.

TEMX-C series

The TEMX-C single head type combines the new and powerful functions,
proven in our multi-head machines, into a compact body.
This compact embroidery machine has the same size as the NEOⅡ.
It is small but capable of making embroidery on a wide space with high performance.
This machine gives you powerful assistance on every imaginable stage
from a shop business to small lot production.

TFMX-C series

Diversified applications are available to a wide range and variety of products, using a wealth of optional devices.
The best suited model for your shop business or small lot production.