SPECIAL option
Under thread bobbin changer



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-User-friendly automatization
Bobbin replacement is a much heavier burden on operators than expected. This system enables replacement only by pushing a button.

High speed sequin

-Feature 1
The adoption of pulse motor drive enables you to change the pitch and feed of sequins by setting on the operation panel and mechanical adjustment.

-Feature 2
Lifting and lowering sequin device can be performed either automatically or manually to facilitate frame exchange and other work efficiently.

-Feature 3
Max. speed 1,000 rpm is available.Sequin feed has been stabilized still more to bring higher quality embroidery to reality.

Auto frame changer

-Fabric holding system
Fabric clamping drive, (PAT.P) using a new mechanism, enables to hold securely even thin fabric.

-Precision feed of fabrics
Precision frame feed has been realized with fabric serpentine feed correcting mechanism.

-Fabric stretching mechanism (Adjustable)
A new stretching mechanism enables to stretch fabric to be embroidered with proper tension according to their type.

-Frame feed function
The intervals between designs can be set as you like by using this function.
Greater diversity of embroidery expression will be available in combination with coordinate conversion function.